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Raised in his family’s restaurant business, Mike Bamonti built a strong foundation based on a solid work ethic and leadership. With over 25 years of experience in the food, beverage and CPG industry, Mike is a trusted expert that guides independent and family-owned businesses through growth and transformation.


Inspired by his family's business and his experience helping businesses thrive, Mike created KEG - Knowledge Exchange Group - to provide the knowledge, resources and expertise that small and family-owned businesses need to grow and prepare for the future.

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Mike brings a wide array of industry knowledge that helps companies anticipate internal and external threats to sustained growth, and helps company leaders shape and drive strategic alignment and practical execution. His expertise includes strategic planning, talent development, revenue generation, mergers and acquisitions, category management and P&L leadership. His advice improves the top and bottom line for clients, while continuing to deliver customer engagement, drive operational excellence and increase revenue.


Mike worked his way up the company ladder from janitor to CEO. There is no job he hasn’t done and that tenacity goes a long way with leading teams and provides unique insight to all aspects of business. His direct and approachable style is focused on developing high performing teams. Mike leads by example and works cross-functionally and at all levels to encourage healthy collaboration and feedback.

Savoia's Family Restaurant where Mike grew up.

As a nationally recognized and active leader in the beverage industry, Mike continues to build mutually beneficial partnerships and shares his knowledge with other CPGs throughout the industry through KEG Consulting. Mike continues to share his insight and expertise serving on the boards of the Chad Greenway Lead The Way Foundation, Minnesota Beer Wholesalers Association and the National Beer Wholesalers Association. His greatest joy is when his clients realize their short and long term goals. Mike lives in Minneapolis with his family. He enjoys cooking, running, traveling and reading.

Savoia's Family History In 1934, during the Great Depression, August “Gus” Bamonti and his wife Grace opened a local bar called “Gus” in an industrialized part of Chicago Heights. To help their business and customers, Gus and Grace gave a free roast beef sandwich to anyone ordering a nickel beer. The “beer and beef” concept was so heartily welcomed by the workers in the area that Gus and Grace soon took their business to the next level by offering homemade spaghetti and meatballs with the beer. Soon, customers started showing up with pots from home asking to bring the same spaghetti home to feed their families. That’s when Savoia’s was born!​

August "Gus" Bamonti

Savoia’s grew into well-known place to get great Italian food, and a place to take the family. Family members of the original workers were hired to fill the need for more staff. Gus and Grace’s children grew up in the business and each took on active roles.


The restaurant continued to grow over the next 30 years through location changes, building renovations and expansions to additional businesses, and the third generation of the Bamonti family took on roles in the restaurant. Though Savoia’s closed in 1985 after the economic downturn of the 80s, the traditions and memories of the “Savoia’s Family” are kept alive today by the Bamonti family, and provide the inspiration for Mike’s work helping independent and family businesses thrive.

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