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Navigating Your Business Through COVID-19

We are living in uncertain times. As we ride the economic and health rollercoaster of COVID-19, it's important as businesses and leaders to look beyond profit and focus on our opportunities to be socially responsible. Sometimes, I see leaders develop blinders that block out anything that distracts from business growth. This is not the time to focus on profit. This is the time to lead with self-awareness, patience and flexibility.

“Companies should not have a singular view of profitability. There needs to be a balance between commerce and social responsibility...The companies that are authentic about it will wind up as the companies that make more money.”

Howard Schultz

Tips For Leading During Lean Times

  1. Stay positive. During times of uncertainty, it’s important to remember how your attitude impacts others. Staying positive and keeping your spirit high is one of the best defenses against spreading fear to others.

  2. Be mindful. No matter what, the wellbeing of your team needs to be top-of-mind. Give your employees the flexibility and support they need to stay physically and mentally healthy. This also applies to you. You’re human too!

  3. Be proactive. Don’t wait for problems to build up. Reach out to your team members and ask them what you can do to be supportive over the next few weeks. And with the rapid pace of change we’re seeing right now, you might need to check in often.

These tips offer more than just moral guidance. This is a moment in history where what is right and what is strategic fall in line. Maintaining a strong business requires a well-supported staff, which means providing leeway when times are tough.

As we navigate through COVID-19, please pay extra attention to the long-term impact of your business decisions. Be positive, be mindful, be empathetic, and be proactive in facing the unique challenges we’ve been presented.

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